Steel Clamp

• Type A clamp with recessed top to hold the bolt head captive while the nut is tightened. The skirt prevents the clamp rotating during installation

• Suitable for parallel flanges, and tapered flanges up to 8°

• The clamp is installed correctly when the area ‘K’ grips the flange

• The tail must be chosen to suit the thickness of the flange being gripped

• Malleable iron, bright zinc plated/hot dip galvanized

• Contact Edge for detailed specs and design data
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Item # Grade 5 Bolt Size ZUnit Of
List for Quote
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LDLA037L[3/8]” Ea. Add
LDLA037M[3/8]” Ea. Add
LDLA037S[3/8]” Ea. Add
LDLA050L[1/2]” Ea. $ 5.29 Add Buy
LDLA050M[1/2]” Ea. $ 5.29 Add Buy
LDLA050S[1/2]” Ea. $ 5.29 Add Buy
LDLA062L[5/8]” Ea. $ 6.86 Add Buy
LDLA062M[5/8]” Ea. $ 6.86 Add Buy
LDLA062S[5/8]” Ea. $ 6.86 Add Buy
LDLA075L[3/4]” Ea. Add
LDLA075M[3/4]” Ea. $ 9.63 Add Buy
LDLA075S[3/4]” Ea. $ 9.63 Add Buy
LDLA100L1” Ea. $ 17.41 Add Buy
LDLA100M1” Ea. $ 17.41 Add Buy
LDLA100S1” Ea. $ 17.41 Add Buy
Item Specifications

Item # Grade 5 Bolt Size ZSafe Working Loads (5:1 Factor Of Safety) Tensile/Safe Working Loads (5:1 Factor Of Safety) FrictionTorque (ft./ lbs.)Tail LengthUnit Of
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LDLA037L[3/8]”330-15Long Ea. Add
LDLA037M[3/8]”330-15Medium Ea. Add
LDLA037S[3/8]”330-15Short Ea. Add
LDLA050L[1/2]”1,30015750Long Ea. $ 5.29 Add Buy
LDLA050M[1/2]”1,30015750Medium Ea. $ 5.29 Add Buy
LDLA050S[1/2]”1,30015750Short Ea. $ 5.29 Add Buy
LDLA062L[5/8]”1,640337108Long Ea. $ 6.86 Add Buy
LDLA062M[5/8]”1,640337108Medium Ea. $ 6.86 Add Buy
LDLA062S[5/8]”1,640337108Short Ea. $ 6.86 Add Buy
LDLA075L[3/4]”3,300674210Long Ea. Add
LDLA075M[3/4]”3,300674210Medium Ea. $ 9.63 Add Buy
LDLA075S[3/4]”3,300674210Short Ea. $ 9.63 Add Buy
LDLA100L1”4,4301,012362Long Ea. $ 17.41 Add Buy
LDLA100M1”4,4301,012362Medium Ea. $ 17.41 Add Buy
LDLA100S1”4,4301,012362Short Ea. $ 17.41 Add Buy