Columbus McKinnon Corp.


Ratchet Type Load Binder

• Each ratchet component is forged from pure alloy steel

• Handle is designed loose using self-locking one-way bolts allowing easy removal of unwanted debris

• Proof tested to 50% of the minimum breaking strength

• Gears are permanently welded to the barrel
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Item # Size (G30)Unit Of
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CM48360[3/8] Ea. Add
CM48363- Ea. Add
CM48364[1/4] Ea. Add
CM48365[3/8] Ea. Add
CM48366[1/2] Ea. Add
CM48367[5/8] Ea. Add
CM48810[3/8] Ea. Add
CM48811- Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Size (G30)Size (G43)Size (G70)End FittingsWorking Load Limit (lbs.)Take Up (in.)Unit Of
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CM48360[3/8][3/8][3/8]Hook/Hook7,1008 Ea. Add
CM48363---Eye/Eye (n13,0008 Ea. Add
CM48364[1/4][1/4]-Hook/Hook2,6004 Ea. Add
CM48365[3/8][3/8][5/16]Hook/Hook5,4008 Ea. Add
CM48366[1/2][1/2][3/8]Hook/Hook9,2008 Ea. Add
CM48367[5/8][5/8][1/2]Hook/Hook13,000 Ea. Add
CM48810[3/8][3/8][5/16]Hook/Hook5,4008 Ea. Add
CM48811---Eye/Eye (n5,4008 Ea. Add