Columbus McKinnon Corp.

Passing Link Chain

• Electrically welded steel chain

• Links are designed with the inside width greater than twice the thickness of the material, thus allowing the two adjacent links to pass in any link, reducing any tendency to kink

• Available in bright (polished) or zinc plated

• Weights and dimensions are approximate

• 2/0 size also available on 120 foot reels and 200 foot pails

• Carton contains 100 feet
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Item # Trade No.Unit Of
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CM6234614/0 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Trade No.Wt. per 100 Ft. (Lbs.)Size Material (In.)Inside Lgth. (In.)Inside Wdth. (In.)Links per Ft.Work. Ld. Lmt. (Lbs.)Finish TypeUnit Of
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CM6234614/043[7/32][7/8][1/2]13[5/8]600Zinc Plated Ea. Add