Campbell® (Apex Tool Group)

Proof Coil Chain

Zinc Plated

• Excellent general-purpose chain of standard commercial quality

• Frequently used for fabricating tow chains, binding or tie-down chains
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Item # Material Dia. (in.)Unit Of
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CG0143226.16 Ea. Add
CG0143326.21 Ea. Add
CG0143426.26 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Material Dia. (in.)Inside Lgth. (in.)Inside Wdth. (in.)Working Load Limit (lbs.)Ft. Per PailUnit Of
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CG0143226.16.89.29400200 Ea. Add
CG0143326.21.95.34800150 Ea. Add
CG0143426.261.2.451300100 Ea. Add