Columbus McKinnon Corp.

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Item # Work. Ld. Lmt. (lbs.)Unit Of
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CM815013,300 Ea. Add
CM82108880 Ea. Add
CM822081,540 Ea. Add
CM823081,980 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Work. Ld. Lmt. (lbs.)Chain Size (in.)Gap (in.)Inside Wdth. (in.)Inside Lgth. (in.)Std. Pk.Approx. Wt. Display Pk. (lbs.)Unit Of
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CM815013,300[1/2][19/32][15/16]3[3/16]1051 Ea. Add
CM82108880[1/4][9/32][9/16]1[3/4]208 Ea. Add
CM822081,540[5/16][3/8][11/16]2[5/16]2017 Ea. Add
CM823081,980[3/8][7/16][3/4]2[7/16]1023 Ea. Add