GH2T (Sumner)

2 Ton Aluminum Gantry

Lightweight, portable and easily assembled GH2T Gantry Lift for mechanical contractors. The GH2T Gantry lift has a lift capacity of up to 2 metric tons (4,400 lbs) and is available in 4 Imperial sizes (8, 10, 12 and 15 foot)

• Simpler to transport, assemble and adjust than comparable Gantry lifts

• The entire assembly is light enough to be erected by a two-man crew

• The advanced design allows a pivoting feature where the beam with trolley is inserted into receiver of each A-Frames then raised and final bolting of beam occurs

• Height adjustments can be made on either side by one man using the adjustable mast lifting handle and removable quick-action mast locking pin

• Beams come with convenient carrying handles on both ends

• A-frame assemblies fold up and lock in folded position with plunger pins

• The entire assembly is pinch-point free

• The Sumner GH2T Gantry lift consists of 3 main components: two A-frames and a cross beam. A-frames lock in folded position using plunger pins and feature a removable quick action locking pin. Adjustable lifting handle allow height adjustments to be made in 6-inch increments. Each A-frame has two 8-inch lockable casters and weighs 113 lbs with casters. The trolley features a set screw that holds it in place during assembly and weighs approximately 15 lbs. Cross beams come in seven sizes (8, 10, 12 and 15 foot) and feature two span adjustments on either end of 13-inches as well as nylon carrying handles.

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Item # Model No.Span Between Wheels (E)Unit Of
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SU785100GH2T-1515’ Ea. $ 3,973.63 Add Buy
SU785101GH2T-1212’ Ea. $ 3,879.28 Add Buy
SU785102GH2T-1010’ Ea. $ 3,807.83 Add Buy
SU785103GH2T-88’ Ea. $ 3,749.13 Add Buy
Item Specifications

Item # Model No.Max/Min Height To Lifting Eye (A)Max Height To Top Of Beam (B)MaxHeight To Top Of Trolley (C)Max Working Span (D)Span Between Wheels (E)Height Adjustment (F)Span Adjustment (G)Max Width Of A Frame (H)Weight (lbs.)Unit Of
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SU785100GH2T-15113”/83”131”2[1/2]”142”15’6”13”60[3/4]”323 Ea. $ 3,973.63 Add Buy
SU785101GH2T-12113”/83”131”2[1/2]”106”12’6”13”60[3/4]”307 Ea. $ 3,879.28 Add Buy
SU785102GH2T-10113”/83”131”2[1/2]”82”10’6”13”60[3/4]”296 Ea. $ 3,807.83 Add Buy
SU785103GH2T-8113/83”131”2[1/2]”58”8’6”13”60[3/4]”285 Ea. $ 3,749.13 Add Buy