Pferd Abrasives

Mounted Flap Wheels

Aluminum Oxide

• 1/4” Shaft Size

• Adapt readily to irregular surfaces

• Can be used in flat surfaces and in difficult to reach areas

• Can be profiled to contours of the workpiece
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Item # Diameter (in.)Unit Of
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PF451851 Ea. Add
PF452033 Ea. Add
PF452083 Ea. Add
PF452093 Ea. Add
PF452331-1/2 Ea. Add
PF452382 Ea. Add
PF452392 Ea. Add
PF452402 Ea. Add
PF452412 Ea. Add
PF452422 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Diameter (in.)Length (in.)GritRec. RPMMax RPMUnit Of
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PF45185118015,00025,000 Ea. Add
PF452033[3/4]804,80020,000 Ea. Add
PF4520831604,80020,000 Ea. Add
PF4520931804,80020,000 Ea. Add
PF452331-1/21809,60023,000 Ea. Add
PF4523821607,00023,000 Ea. Add
PF4523921807,00023,000 Ea. Add
PF45240211207,00023,000 Ea. Add
PF45241211807,00023,000 Ea. Add
PF45242212407,00023,000 Ea. Add