Defender® (ProBuilt Professional Lighting, LLC)

Uplight v2 Portable Task Light

The ultimate in durability, portability and versatility. The 2-foot and 4-foot Defender® Uplight v2’s have extremely tough housings and many innovative features. Lean it, lay it, stand it, hang it, or link it. This low current, high-output lighting tackles many tasks that other products can’t, including confined spaces.

• Accessory outlet for linking units together

• IP44 design for dust and water resistance

• 15-ft. integrated power cord

• Non-slip rubber base for leaning against walls

• Adjustable nylon strap

• Removable reflector for 360° lighting

• Lamp life 20,000 hours

• CSA certified

• Optional wobble base available
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Item # Desc.Unit Of
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PBTE7125004 Ft., 36 Watt Fluoresce Ea. Add
PBTE7125052 Ft., 18 Watt Fluoresce Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Desc.LumensCoverage (ft.)Unit Of
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PBTE7125004 Ft., 36 Watt Fluoresce3,25010-15 Ea. Add
PBTE7125052 Ft., 18 Watt Fluoresce1,3005-10 Ea. Add