Lufkin® (Apex Tool Group)

Power Return Tapes

Orange and Yellow Cases

• Hi-Viz® case - easy to find on the job

• Case designed to fit perfectly in the hand

• Lightweight, high-strength case

• Toggle lock is positioned for convenient operations and holds the blade securely in any position
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Item # Blade Size (Wdth. (In.))Unit Of
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CGHV1048CM25 mm Ea. Add
CGHV1049CME1 (25 mm) Ea. Add
CGHV1425D1 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Blade Size (Wdth. (In.))Blade Size (Lgth. (Ft.))Blade StyleRepl. BladeUnit Of
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CGHV1048CM25 mm8 mA9RY48CM Ea. Add
CGHV1049CME1 (25 mm)30 (9 m)A30RY49CME Ea. Add
CGHV1425D125 Engineer'sA4RY425D Ea. Add