Columbus McKinnon Corp.

CM Super Strong Anchor Shackles

Screw Pin Type

• All shackle pins are forged from alloy steel, heat treated and tempered to give greater strength

• All shackles are marked with size (inches and millimeters) and working load limit in tons

• Ultimate strength equals 6 times working load limit

• Proof load equals 2.2 times working load limit

• Built-in distortion detectors (3/16” - 2”)
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Item # Size (in.)Unit Of
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CM655P1[1/8] Ea. Add
CM656P1[1/4] Ea. Add
CM657P1[1/2] Ea. Add
CM658P2 Ea. Add
CM666P1[3/8] Ea. Add
CM677P1[3/4] Ea. Add
CM685P1[5/8] Ea. Add
CMM645P[3/16] Ea. Add
CMM646P[1/4] Ea. Add
CMM647P[5/16] Ea. Add
CMM648P[3/8] Ea. Add
CMM649P[7/16] Ea. Add
CMM650P[1/2] Ea. Add
CMM651P[5/8] Ea. Add
CMM652P[3/4] Ea. Add
CMM653P[7/8] Ea. Add
CMM654P1 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Size (in.)Work. Ld. Lmt. (tons)P Dia. of Pin (in. )L Inside Lgth. (in. )B Inside Wdth. at Bow (min.) (in. )R OD of Eye (max.) (in. )W Wdth. Btwn. Eyes - (in. )Desc.Unit Of
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CM655P1[1/8]121[1/4]4[1/4]2[5/8]2[7/8]1[13/16]Painted Ea. Add
CM656P1[1/4]141[3/8]4[11/16]2[7/8]3[1/4][21/32]Painted Ea. Add
CM657P1[1/2]201[5/8]5[3/4]3[3/8]3[3/4]2[3/8]Painted Ea. Add
CM658P2352[1/4]7[3/4]5[1/4]5[1/4]3[1/4]Painted Ea. Add
CM666P1[3/8]171[1/2]5[1/4]3[1/4]3[1/2]2[1/4]Painted Ea. Add
CM677P1[3/4]30274[1/2]4[1/2]2[7/8]Painted Ea. Add
CM685P1[5/8]241[3/4]6[1/4]44[1/8]2[5/8]Painted Ea. Add
CMM645P[3/16][1/2][1/4][7/8][3/5][5/8][3/8]Painted Ea. Add
CMM646P[1/4][3/4][5/16]1[1/8][3/4][7/8][15/32]Painted Ea. Add
CMM647P[5/16]1[3/8]1[1/4][13/16]1[17/32]Painted Ea. Add
CMM648P[3/8]1[1/2][7/16]1[7/16][15/16]1[1/8][21/32]Painted Ea. Add
CMM649P[7/16]2[1/2]1[11/16]1[1/16]1[1/4][3/4]Painted Ea. Add
CMM650P[1/2]3[5/8]1[7/8]1[3/16]1[3/8][13/16]Painted Ea. Add
CMM651P[5/8]4[1/2][3/4]2[3/8]1[1/2]1[7/8]1[1/16]Painted Ea. Add
CMM652P[3/4]6[1/2][7/8]2[13/16]1[3/4]2[1/8]1[1/4]Painted Ea. Add
CMM653P[7/8]8[1/2]13[5/16]22[3/8]1[7/16]Painted Ea. Add
CMM654P1101[1/8]3[3/4]2[5/16]2[5/8]1[11/16]Painted Ea. Add