Hilman, Inc.

Swivel Roller Kits


• Deluxe kits 15-60 tons

• Economy sets 15-200 tons

• Everything required to make heavy moves up to 60 tons

• Include four swivel locking Hilman rollers with either padded or diamond steel tops and two steering handles; four preload pads are also included

• Sets contain full length steering handles; kits contain knock down handles in two sections to fit into a sturdy steel storage case

• Each kit or set provides the necessary gear to tackle a moving project up to that respective capacity
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Item # Kit / Set Capacity (tons)Unit Of
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HIKRS-40-SLD40 Ea. $ 2,029.05 Add Buy
HIKRS-60-SLD60 Ea. $ 2,283.56 Add Buy
Item Specifications

Item # Kit / Set Capacity (tons)Kit / Set Includes (All Kits Include Steel Case)Weight (kg)Unit Of
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HIKRS-40-SLD40Four #10-SLD Rollers, Four #P-1 Preload Pads, Two 96 Ea. $ 2,029.05 Add Buy
HIKRS-60-SLD60Four #15-SLD Rollers, Four #P-1 Preload Pads, Two 114 Ea. $ 2,283.56 Add Buy