Pferd Abrasives

Cut-Off Wheels

For Steel & Cast Iron, SG-Elastic

• Depressed Center Type 27

• Long service life

• Fast cutting action

• For use on Steel, cast iron

• For use on air and electric grinders

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Item # Diameter (in.)Unit Of
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PF631014 Ea. Add
PF631024 Ea. Add
PF631034[1/2] Ea. Add
PF631044[1/2] Ea. Add
PF631065 Ea. Add
PF631119 Ea. Add
PF631127 Ea. Add
PF631144[1/2] Ea. Add
PF631154[1/2] Ea. Add
PF631196 Ea. Add
PF631624[1/2] Ea. Add
PF631635 Ea. Add
PF631646 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Diameter (in.)ThicknessBoreMax RPMUnit Of
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PF631014[1/8][3/8]15,200 Ea. Add
PF631024[3/32][5/8]15,300 Ea. Add
PF631034[1/2][3/32][7/8]13,300 Ea. Add
PF631044[1/2][1/8][7/8]13,300 Ea. Add
PF631065[1/8][7/8]12,200 Ea. Add
PF631119[1/8][5/8]-11 Thread6,600 Ea. Add
PF631127[1/8][5/8]-11 Thread8,600 Ea. Add
PF631144[1/2][3/32][5/8]-11 Threaded13,300 Ea. Add
PF631154[1/2][1/8][5/8]-11 Threaded13,300 Ea. Add
PF631196[1/8][5/8]-11 Thread10,200 Ea. Add
PF631624[1/2].045[7/8]13,300 Ea. Add
PF631635.045[7/8]12,200 Ea. Add
PF631646.045[7/8]10,200 Ea. Add