Pferd Abrasives

Thin Cut-Off Wheels

For Steel, PS Forte

• Flat-Type 1

• Aluminum Oxide A Abrasive

• For General Purpose cut-off use

• For use on Steel

• Fast cutting action
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Item # Diameter (in.)Unit Of
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PF692032 Ea. Add
PF692592 Ea. Add
PF693033 Ea. Add
PF693053 Ea. Add
PF693093 Ea. Add
PF693173 Ea. Add
PF694034 Ea. Add
PF694054 Ea. Add
PF694094 Ea. Add
PF694204 Ea. Add
PF696036 Ea. Add
PF696066 Ea. Add
PF699454[1/2] Ea. Add
PF699606 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Diameter (in.)Thickness (in.)Bore (in.)Max RPMGritUnit Of
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PF692032.035[3/8]30,00060 Ea. Add
PF692592[1/16][1/4]27,00036 Ea. Add
PF693033.035[3/8]25,00060 Ea. Add
PF693053[1/16][1/4]25,00036 Ea. Add
PF693093[1/16][3/8]25,00036 Ea. Add
PF693173[1/8][3/8]25,00036 Ea. Add
PF694034.035[3/8]19,00060 Ea. Add
PF694054[1/16][1/4]19,00036 Ea. Add
PF694094[1/16][3/8]19,00036 Ea. Add
PF694204[1/8][3/8]19,00024 Ea. Add
PF696036.035[5/8]10,20060 Ea. Add
PF696066[1/16][5/8]10,20036 Ea. Add
PF699454[1/2].040[7/8]13,30060 Ea. Add
PF699606.040[7/8]10,20060 Ea. Add