Pferd Abrasives

Portable Gas Saw Cut-Off Wheels

For Steel, SG-Elastic

• Heavily reinforced for safety

• Fast cutting action

• Long service life

• Wide range of wheel and arbor hole sizes

• 1/8” Thick
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Item # Diameter (in.)Unit Of
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PF6401212 Ea. Add
PF6401412 Ea. Add
PF6401814 Ea. Add
PF6412112 Ea. Add
PF6412212 Ea. Add
PF6412314 Ea. Add
PF6412414 Ea. Add
PF6423212 Ea. Add
PF6423412 Ea. Add
PF6423614 Ea. Add
PF6423814 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Diameter (in.)BoreMax RPMMineral, BondUnit Of
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PF640121220mm5,100Aluminum O Ea. Add
PF640141215,100Aluminum O Ea. Add
PF640181415,500Aluminum O Ea. Add
PF641211220mm5,100Silicon Ca Ea. Add
PF641221215,100Silicon Ca Ea. Add
PF641231420mm5,500Silicon Ca Ea. Add
PF641241415,500Silicon Ca Ea. Add
PF642321220mm5,100Silicon Ca Ea. Add
PF642341215,100Silicon Ca Ea. Add
PF642361420mm5,500Silicon Ca Ea. Add
PF642381415,500Silicon Ca Ea. Add