Pferd Abrasives

Stationary Saw Cut-Off Wheels

For Steel, SG-Elastic

• Aluminum Oxide

• High performance cut-off wheels for stationary saws

• Fully reinforced
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Item # Diameter (in.)Unit Of
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PF6600520 Ea. Add
PF6600620 Ea. Add
PF6600910 Ea. Add
PF6601920 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Diameter (in.)ThicknessBoreMax RPMMineral BondUnit Of
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PF6600520[3/16]13,100Aluminum O Ea. Add
PF6600620[3/16]1[1/4]3,100Aluminum O Ea. Add
PF6600910[1/8][5/8]7,600Aluminum O Ea. Add
PF6601920[1/4]13,800Aluminum O Ea. Add