Pferd Abrasives

Fiber Discs

Aluminum Oxide

• Well suited for both rough and fine grinding

• Very flexible

• For flat and irregular surfaces

• Long life resin bond

• Wide selection of sizes and grits

• 25 pieces per packing unit
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Item # Diameter x ArborUnit Of
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PF624024 x [5/8] Ea. Add
PF624034 x [5/8] Ea. Add
PF624064 x [5/8] Ea. Add
PF624514[1/2] x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF624524[1/2] x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF624534[1/2] x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF624544[1/2] x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF624554[1/2] x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF624564[1/2] x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF624574[1/2] x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF627017 x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF627027 x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF627037 x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF627047 x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF627057 x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF627067 x [7/8] Ea. Add
PF627087 x [7/8] Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Diameter x ArborGrainGritMax. RPMUnit Of
List for Quote
PF624024 x [5/8]Aluminum Oxide2415,900 Ea. Add
PF624034 x [5/8]Aluminum Oxide3615,900 Ea. Add
PF624064 x [5/8]Aluminum Oxide8015,900 Ea. Add
PF624514[1/2] x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide1613,300 Ea. Add
PF624524[1/2] x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide2413,300 Ea. Add
PF624534[1/2] x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide3613,300 Ea. Add
PF624544[1/2] x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide5013,300 Ea. Add
PF624554[1/2] x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide6013,300 Ea. Add
PF624564[1/2] x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide8013,300 Ea. Add
PF624574[1/2] x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide10013,300 Ea. Add
PF627017 x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide168,500 Ea. Add
PF627027 x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide248,500 Ea. Add
PF627037 x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide368,500 Ea. Add
PF627047 x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide508,500 Ea. Add
PF627057 x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide608,500 Ea. Add
PF627067 x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide808,500 Ea. Add
PF627087 x [7/8]Aluminum Oxide1208,500 Ea. Add