POLIVLIES™ (Pferd Abrasives)

Hand Pads

• Designed for light manual grinding, deburring and cleaning work on metals, plastics, glass-fiber reinforced plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, paint, coatings and fillers

• Due to their flexibility, POLIVLIES® hand pads provide outstanding results on contours and in hard-to-reach workpiece areas

• Recommendation For Use: Suitable for dry or wet grinding

• Width x Length: 6”x 9”
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Item # Desc.Unit Of
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PF44600General Purpose Ea. Add
PF44606Medium Finish Ea. Add
PF44609Ultra Fine Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Desc.GrainColorUnit Of
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PF44600General PurposeAluminum OxideMaroon Ea. Add
PF44606Medium FinishAluminum OxideTan Ea. Add
PF44609Ultra FineSilicon CarbideGrey Ea. Add