Pferd Abrasives

Knot Wheel Brushes

Stringer Bead Twist

• Brush diameter: 4”

• Wire size: .020”

• Trim length: 3/4”

• Face width: 3/16”

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Item # Size ( in.)Unit Of
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MB821864 Ea. Add
MB821934 Ea. Add
MB823074 Ea. Add
MB824876 Ea. Add
MB824886 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Size ( in.)Thread SizeFilamentNo. KnotsMax RPMUnit Of
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MB821864[5/8]”-11Carbon Steel3220,000 Ea. Add
MB821934[1/2] - [3/8]Carbon Steel3220,000 Ea. Add
MB823074[5/8]”-11Stainless Steel3220,000 Ea. Add
MB824876[5/8]”-11Carbon Steel4820,000 Ea. Add
MB824886[5/8]”-11Carbon5620,000 Ea. Add