Fill-Rite (Tuthill)

DC Series Pumps

"• This industry standard DC pump dispenses up to 15 GPM (57 LPM)

• The pump weighs less than 27 lbs., with hose and nozzle, and has a draw that’s easy on the DC power source

• Explosion-proof UL/cUL listed 1/4 HP motor with permanent magnet and ball bearings

• Heavy-duty switch, thermal overload protection and junction box

• Heavy-duty battery cable

• Iron rotor

• Automatic bypass valve

• Built-in strainer

• 12' (3.7m) hose with static ground wire

• Manual nozzle with nozzle boot that protects against dirt and contamination

• 2"" threaded base for tank openings

• Corrosion-Proof adjustable section pipe

• Machined carbon vanes

• Pump may be padlocked

• No foot valve required

• Rain proof


• Series 800C meter in gallons/liters

• Automatic nozzle

• Series 2400C, 1/4 HP, 24 Volt DC 10 Amp motor"
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Item # SeriesUnit Of
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FIFR1210G1200G Ea. Add
FIFR1210GA1200G Ea. Add
FIFR4210G4200G Ea. Add
FIFR4210GB4200G Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # SeriesGallons Per MinuteMotorTypeUnit Of
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FIFR1210G1200G15[1/4] H.P, 12/24VManual Ea. Add
FIFR1210GA1200G15[1/4] H.P, 12/24VAutomatic Ea. Add
FIFR4210G4200G20[1/4] H.P, 12/24VManual Ea. Add
FIFR4210GB4200G20[1/4] H.P, 12/24VAutomatic Ea. Add