Figure 194 Light Welded Steel Bracket

"• Material: Carbon steel

• Finish: Plain or Galvanized

• Recommended for support from below or above bracket

• Complies with Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 31),

WW-H-171-E (Type 32), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 31). FM Approved when used with 3?8"" rod, 3?4"" - 4"" pipe sizes & 1?2"" rod, 5"" - 8"" pipe sizes.

• Determine bracket size by dimension of standard bracket most suitable to the installation

• Installation: When bolted to a wall, an additional back plate may be required of such thickness and size as to properly distribute the weight over the wall. Size and thickness of the back plate is governed by the load to be carried and the nature and conditions of the wall. Back plates furnished upon request

• Specify bracket number, figure number, name and finish

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Item # Bracket No.Unit Of
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AV194-11 Ea. Add
AV194-22 Ea. Add
AV194-33 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Bracket No.Max Load (lbs.)Weight (lbs.)W (in.)C (in.)D (in.)Unit Of
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AV194-117503.196[1/2][5/16] Ea. Add
AV194-227507.71310[1/2][5/16] Ea. Add
AV194-3375012.81916[1/2][3/8] Ea. Add