Clevis Hangers

Fig 260ISS Clevis Hanger with Insulation Saddle System

• Size Range: 2” through 16” clevis hanger with saddle system, 1/2” through 12” pipe diameter

• Material: Carbon steel with high impact glass reinforced polypropylene saddle and carbon steel spacer

• Finish: Plain or galvanized clevis hanger

• Service: Recommended for the suspension of stationary insulated chilled or hot water pipe lines

• Maximum Temperature: 40° F to 200° F

• Approvals: The 260ISS has been independently tested by ASTM & UL for flame spread (FSI), smoke development (SD) and drip ratings; the product has been approved by both agencies and has qualified for an ASTM E84 Class 1 25/60 rating, as well as a UL E94 VO rating which are the highest rating for this type of product by either agency

• Installation: Hanger load nut above clevis must be tightened securely to assure proper performance; install the pipe on the saddle, cope or notch one section of insulation to securely fit around the saddle, notch should be deep enough to extend 1/8” to 1/4” beyond the saddle, square cut adjoining insulation section and butt the mating end to the notched section; apply mastic to all mating insulation edges, caulk all seams between insulation and saddle as applicable to chilled or hot water systems to assure positive vapor barriers, finish via standard taping methods

• Adjustment: Vertical adjustment without removing the hanger may be made 7/8” through 2-3/8” varying with the size of the clevis


• Clevis hanger with high impact saddle eliminates costly hanger adjustments required during the installation of piping insulation

• Wood blocks and shields are not required for use with this product

• V-Block design cradles the pipe during and after installation

• Low thermal conductivity calculated at .77(BTU-In/Sq. Ft-Hr°F)

• Flammability rating of V-O UL 94


• Specify size number, insulation thickness, and finish
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Item # Max Load (lbs.)Unit Of
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AV260-101100 Ea. Add
AV260-121700 Ea. Add
AV260-141700 Ea. Add
AV260-161700 Ea. Add
AV260-2550 Ea. Add
AV260-3550 Ea. Add
AV260-4550 Ea. Add
AV260-5750 Ea. Add
AV260-6750 Ea. Add
AV260-81100 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Max Load (lbs.)WeightRod Size A (in.)C (in.)Rod Take Out E (in.)Adjust F (in.)G (in.)X (in.)Unit Of
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AV260-1011009.73[7/8]15[1/4]8[7/16]1[7/8][5/8]10[3/4] Ea. Add
AV260-12170013.80[7/8]17[15/16]10[1/8]2[9/16][5/8]12[7/16] Ea. Add
AV260-14170015.60119[9/16]10[11/16]2[1/2][3/4]14[7/16] Ea. Add
AV260-16170026.81122122[3/8]116[5/16] Ea. Add
AV260-2550.73[3/8]4[1/2]2[5/8][7/8][1/4]2[3/8] Ea. Add
AV260-35501.32[1/2]6[1/2]4[1/16]1[7/16][3/8]3[5/8] Ea. Add
AV260-45501.83[5/8]7[13/16]4[1/2]1[1/2][3/8]4[1/2] Ea. Add
AV260-57502.44[5/8]8[15/16]5[1/2]1[3/4][3/8]5[11/16] Ea. Add
AV260-67503.81[3/4]10[1/4]5[3/4]1[1/2][1/2]6[11/16] Ea. Add
AV260-811005.60[3/4]12[11/16]7[3/16]1[3/4][1/2]8[13/16] Ea. Add