Concrete Inserts And Attahments

Fig. 284 Metal Deck Hanger

• Size Range: 3/8” through 3/4”

• Material: Carbon steel

• Finish: Plain

• Service: Recommended for suspending pipe or conduit in metal concrete deck forms for a variety o rod sizes; may be used with a rod coupling such as the Fig. 135 or 136 to allow for extended rod lengths


• L and H can be specified for a custom fit if your particular deck does not accommodate type A, B, or C

• Standard 6” long UNC bolt is welded to bracket to ensure assembly remains intact during shipment


• Specify Figure 284, design type (A,B, or C) and bolt diameter

• If your specific deck will not fit one of the design types and/or a different bolt size is required, specify leg height (H), opening (L), and bolt size
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Item # Bolt Size A (in.)Unit Of
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AV248B-1/2[1/2] Ea. Add
AV248B-3/4[3/4] Ea. Add
AV248B-3/8[3/8] Ea. Add
AV248B-5/8[5/8] Ea. Add
AV248C-1/2[1/2] Ea. Add
AV248C-3/4[3/4] Ea. Add
AV248C-3/8[3/8] Ea. Add
AV248C-5/8[5/8] Ea. Add
AV284A-1/2[1/2] Ea. Add
AV284A-3/4[3/4] Ea. Add
AV284A-3/8[3/8] Ea. Add
AV284A-5/8[5/8] Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Bolt Size A (in.)Max Load (lbs.)L (in.)H (In.)W (in.)Weight (lbs.)Unit Of
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AV248B-1/2[1/2]1,3501231[1/2]2.33 Ea. Add
AV248B-3/4[3/4]3,2301231[1/2]2.82 Ea. Add
AV248B-3/8[3/8]7301231[1/2]2.23 Ea. Add
AV248B-5/8[5/8]2,1601231[1/2]2.54 Ea. Add
AV248C-1/2[1/2]1,3501641[1/2]3.20 Ea. Add
AV248C-3/4[3/4]3,2301641[1/2]3.69 Ea. Add
AV248C-3/8[3/8]7301641[1/2]3.10 Ea. Add
AV248C-5/8[5/8]2,1601641[1/2]3.41 Ea. Add
AV284A-1/2[1/2]1,3509[5/8]1[3/4]1[1/2]1.43 Ea. Add
AV284A-3/4[3/4]3,2309[5/8]1[3/4]1[1/2]1.92 Ea. Add
AV284A-3/8[3/8]7309[5/8]1[3/4]1[1/2]1.33 Ea. Add
AV284A-5/8[5/8]2,1609[5/8]1[3/4]1[1/2]1.64 Ea. Add