Steel Pipe Clamps

Figure 212FP Earthquake Bracing Clamp

"• Size Range:2-1?2"" through 12""

• Material: Carbon steel

• Finish: Plain or Galvanized

• For seismic bracing, to be used with Fig. 113 brace fitting. Pipe clamp bolt holes are designed to match holes in brace fitting

• Maximum Temperature: Plain 750° F, Galvanized 450° F

• Complies with Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 4)

WW-H-171-E (Type 4), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 4)

• Specify pipe size, figure number, name and finish

• Note: The “C” gap dimension should be used at the upper and lower locations to ensure proper installation of the clamp

• Standard Figure 212 will be furnished for sizes 2-1?2"" thru 4"""
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Item # Pipe Size (in.)Unit Of
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AV212FP-1010 Ea. Add
AV212FP-1212 Ea. Add
AV212FP-2-1/22[1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-33 Ea. Add
AV212FP-3-1/23[1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-44 Ea. Add
AV212FP-55 Ea. Add
AV212FP-66 Ea. Add
AV212FP-88 Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Pipe Size (in.)Max Load For Service Temp 650°Max Load For Service Temp 750°Weight (lbs.)B (in.)C (in.)Rod Take Out E (in.)H (in.)D (in.)F (in.)Unit Of
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AV212FP-10101,04093013.607[7/16]17[7/16]8[9/16]8[9/16][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-12121,04093015.208[7/16]18[7/16]9[9/16]9[9/16][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-2-1/22[1/2]1,0409301.202[5/8][5/8]2[5/8]3[1/4]3[1/4][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-331,0409301.402[7/8][5/8]2[7/8]3[1/2]3[1/2][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-3-1/23[1/2]1,0409301.503[3/16][5/8]3[3/16]3[13/16]3[13/16][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-441,0409301.803[1/2][5/8]3[1/2]4[1/4]4[1/4][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-551,0409302.504[3/16][3/4]4[3/16]4[15/16]4[15/16][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-661,0409305.204[7/8]1[1/4]4[7/8]5[3/4]5[3/4][1/2] Ea. Add
AV212FP-881,0409306.3061[1/4]66[7/8]6[7/8][1/2] Ea. Add