Rod Attachments

Figure 290 Weldless Eye Nut

"• Size Range: 3?8"" through 2-1?2""

• Material: Forged steel

• Finish: Plain or Galvanized

• For use on high temperature piping installations

• Complies with Federal Specification A-A-1192A (Type 17),

WW-H-171-E (Type 17), ANSI/MSS SP-69 and MSS SP-58 (Type 17)

• Features: Supports loads equal to the full limitation of the hanger rod

• Provides flexible connection when used with straight thread rod

• Specify rod size, figure number, name and finish. If other than standard combination of eye nut number and rod size, specify eye nut number and special rod tapping size

• Note: The acceptability of galvanized coatings at temperatures above 450°F is at the discretion of the end user

• Larger eye nuts featuring smaller rod sizes are commonly available

• Left hand tap is also available. Specify figure 290L"
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Item # Rod Size A (in.)Unit Of
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AV290-11 Ea. Add
AV290-1-1/21[1/2] Ea. Add
AV290-1-1/41[1/4] Ea. Add
AV290-1-3/41[3/4] Ea. Add
AV290-1/2[1/2] Ea. Add
AV290-22 Ea. Add
AV290-2-1/22[1/2] Ea. Add
AV290-2-1/42[1/4] Ea. Add
AV290-3/4[3/4] Ea. Add
AV290-3/8[3/8] Ea. Add
AV290-5/8[5/8] Ea. Add
AV290-7/8[7/8] Ea. Add
Item Specifications

Item # Rod Size A (in.)Max Load For Service Temp 650°F/750°FWeight (lbs.)B (in.)C (in.)D (in.)E (in.)F (in.)G (in.)Eye Nut NumberUnit Of
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AV290-115,900/4,6201.7021[11/16][3/4]2[5/8]1[15/16]12 Ea. Add
AV290-1-1/21[1/2]13,800/10,8073.502[1/2]1[13/16]13[3/8]2[3/8]1[1/4]3 Ea. Add
AV290-1-1/41[1/4]9,500/7,4403.602[1/2]1[13/16]13[3/8]2[3/8]1[1/4]3 Ea. Add
AV290-1-3/41[3/4]18,600/14,65616.40441[1[/2]6[1/4]42[1/4]4 Ea. Add
AV290-1/2[1/2]1,350/1,0570.631[1/2]1[3/16][1/2]21[3/8][11/16]1 Ea. Add
AV290-2224,600/19,26515.90441[1[/2]6[1/4]42[1/4]4 Ea. Add
AV290-2-1/22[1/2]39,800/31,16914.90441[1[/2]6[1/4]42[1/4]4 Ea. Add
AV290-2-1/42[1/4]32,300/25,29515.40441[1[/2]6[1/4]42[1/4]4 Ea. Add
AV290-3/4[3/4]3,230/2,5300.601[1/2]1[3/16][1/2]21[3/8][11/16]1 Ea. Add
AV290-3/8[3/8]730/5720.631[1/2]1[3/16][1/2]21[3/8][11/16]1 Ea. Add
AV290-5/8[5/8]2,160/1,6920.621[1/2]1[3/16][1/2]21[3/8][11/16]1 Ea. Add
AV290-7/8[7/8]4,480/3,5081.7021[11/16][3/4]2[5/8]1[15/16]12 Ea. Add