Calculating Fall Clearance

Fall Protection is a very confusing subject.  Remember, always know your fall distance and select proper equipment to meet the fall clearance.  If you are ever unsure, contact the professionals and make sure you get it right.


Under 18 1/2ft.   

Always use a Self-Retracting Lifeline 

Over 18 1/2 ft.                                          

Use a Shock-Absorbing Lanyard or Self-Retracting Lifeline 


 For fall clarance under 14 1/2ft. contact our certified technical specialists at the Edge branch nearest you!

DBI - Sala

 "Thinking About Fall Protection" Video Series

                           Chapter 1                                                                     


                           Chapter 2
               Facts About Fall Protection


                            Chapter 3
                 Heirarchy of Fall Protection

                     Chapter 4
          Fall Protection Basics