Safety: Antivibration and Grinding

The below videos are intended to showcase the technology that exists today to help keep eveyone using these tools healthy.  The vibration from power tools has long been a concern for worn out joints and continued body pains while the noise created from power tools and grinding continues to have long term affects on hearing...both are being addressed and Edge proudly takes these to heart and chooses to buy the best products to keep our customers healthy.


    DeWalt Power Tool Shock Obsorber - SDS Perform Protect


            DeWalt Vibration - Cordless SDS Shocks


            Makita AVT (Anti-Vibration Technology)


    World of Concrete - DeWalt SDS Rotary Hammer Demo


Pferdergonomics: Positive Impacts


  Pferd "Whisper" -  Quiet grinding without losing effectiveness


  Pferd DUODISC: Cut and Grind with one disc


Pferd - COMBICLICK Finishing System


Pferd POLIFAN - Strong-Freeze


   Control - Two Stage Clutch