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PFAST (Pipe Fitting Alignment System Technique)

The PFAST is a professional Fit-Up System for the fabricator.  The entire system comes complete with a Tablet to mount on the back which includes diagrams of every possible connection set up instructions, Vee Table, Bed Table, Side Table, Chuck Table, Chuck Adapter Plate, Chuck Nuts, Wedge Support and Weldbox Storage Box.


  • Fit-up  1" to 8" flanges, fittings, reducers, caps and pup joints

  • Capable of 300 lb pressure-rated flanges

  • Handles 600 lbs / 270 kg loads

  • Exceptionally accurate

  • Fit and tack 75 to 90 joints during an 8 hr shift

  • Available in stainless steel



Sumner PFAST